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Patients with end-stage renal diseases should undergo a kidney transplant. It acts as life saviour when the kidney in a person fails to function due to some kidney disease such as kidney failure, chronic disease, acute kidney injury, kidney stone, cyst, glomerulonephritis, nephritis, renal cyst, pyelonephritis or diabetic nephropathy

There are five kidney failure stages, identification of which enables doctors to administer the right treatment. GFC or Glomerular flirtation rate is used to find out any patient’s stage of kidney disease. Stage 1 has normal GFR more than 90mL, stage 2 has GFR equal to 60-89 mL, stage 3A has moderate GFR reading 45-59 mL, stage 3B has GFR 30-44 mL, stage 4 has GFR 15-29 mL and stage 5 is the end stage in which the GFR is less than 15 mL.

When a patient reaches the fifth stage, kidney transplant is required. Kidney transplant procedure involves collecting kidney from the donor and implanting it in the recipient’s body. Normally, kidney transplant cost varies from one country to another. However, it is a rather affordable procedure in India and hundreds of patients travel to the country for the same reason each year.

Kidney Transplant
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