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Meniscectomy is an orthopaedic surgery conducted to remove a torn meniscus, fully or partially. A meniscus tear is a common type of knee joint injury. An orthopaedic surgeon will make the decision of the surgery depending on the meniscus’s ability to heal, pattern and size of the tear, as well as your age, health, and activity level.

There are different types of meniscus tears and the pattern of the tear will determine which type of meniscectomy the surgeon needs to conduct.

Small tear: These types of tears usually heal with rest and you may be suggested home treatment.

Moderate to large tear: These types of tears are at the outer edge of the meniscus called red zone, you may be suggested for a meniscectomy and they tend to heal well after surgery.

White zone tear: In these cases meniscus may not heal well after a surgery. But partial meniscectomy is performed to relieve the pain and swelling.

As a part of meniscectomy procedure, you will be given a general anaesthesia. An arthroscope and surgical instruments will be inserted through small incisions near the joint and your orthopaedic surgeon will remove a part of the meniscus, in partial meniscectomy. However, in total meniscectomy, the entire meniscus is removed.

Meniscectomy complications may include infection and bleeding.

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