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Cystoscopic lithotripsy procedure is used to for the treatment of patients suffering from bladder stones. During this procedure, laser beam is used to break the bladder stones into small particles, which are then collected and removed from the bladder.

During cystolithotripsy surgery, the surgeon first administers general anaesthesia to the patient. Once the patient is in sleep, a special instrument called a cystoscope is passed through the urethra to enter the bladder. This device helps look inside the bladder.

If the stones are small, they are collected in a basket and are then removed through the urethra Larger stones are first broken down into smaller particles with the help of laser light, a procedure known as lithpotripsy.

The broken pieces are removed by irrigating the bladder. Mostly, a urinary catheter is placed for several days after the procedure to ensure proper drainage.

Cystolithotripsy (laser)
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