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Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is defined as a surgical procedure used to treat debilitating symptoms such as rigidity, terror, Parkinson’s disease, walking problems, stiffness and slowed movement.

Deep brain stimulation procedure was introduced in 1987, which involves implantation of a type of medical device called a neurostimulator that sends electrical impulses to targeted areas in the brain through electrodes.

When symptoms of Parkinson’s disease become noticeable in a patient, deep brain stimulation is advised. Advanced DBS is offered to patients with have advanced Parkinson disease with very unstable responses. Parkinson’s disease symptoms include intense tremors, but DBS helps to stabilize any type of medical fluctuations, stop involuntary movements, improve slowing of movement and reduced rigidity.

It should be known that brain stimulation therapy is the best treatment for mental disorders. It involves activating and also inhibiting the brain directly by means of electricity. When DBS is applied to certain affected areas in the brain, it welcomes therapeutic benefits.

Deep Brain stimulation
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