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Chronic sub-dual haematoma is described as a condition in which a collection of blood products lying between surfaces of the durra and brain break down that bridge leak blood and veins.

To describe it in simpler words, subdural haematoma is a kind of traumatic brain injury. If the condition is acute, then subdural haematoma is life threatening. On the contrary, epidural haematomas are caused because of wear and tear of arteries due to blood build ups between the skull and dura mater.

Chronic subdural haematoma symptoms include growing confusion and headache, pain, numbness, amnesia, lethargy, loss of muscle control, vomiting, loss of appetite, hearing loss, blurred vision, altered breathing, ataxia, etc. However, subdural haematoma symptoms have a lower onset, which can take minutes and can even take two weeks.

Subdural haematoma treatment includes careful monitoring for small subdurals and insertion of catherter through a skull hole for sucking out hematoma in case of acute subdurals.

Chronic sub-dual haematoma
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