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All elective craniotomies includes the treatment of patients suffering from traumatic brain injury or brain lesions or blood clots in brain. Craniotomy, in the field of neurosurgery, is a type of surgical procedure performed to implant deep brain stimulator to treat diseases such as cerebellar tremor, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

All elective araniotomies surgery involves brain imaging, extracellular recording and neurological manipulations. Chemical titration and electrical stimulation are used as part of the craniotomy neuroscience speciality.

Craniotomy procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and local anaesthesia. The procedure is guided by an MRI scan that allows the neurosurgeons to decide the right angle of access to proper brain areas.

Patient undergoing Craniotomy surgery often develops craniotomy complications, which include viral meningitis, postcraniotomy pain and infections. During the craniotomy procedure, shunts are operated on patients, but extra care is taken to ensure the cleanliness of the site. This is because if bacteria enters the portion of cerebrospinal fluid shunt, then it can be dangerous.

All Elective Craniotomies
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