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BMT thalassemia procedure follows extraction of matching bone marrow from a compatible donor and getting it transplanted in the blood or marrow of the patient. The bone marrow can be taken from a matching sibling or from any unrelated donor whose bone marrow matches with that of the recipient’s.

BMT is the only cure for thalassemia major. Potential BMT donors are usually brothers or sisters, considering their age for donation. If the recipient does not get a matching sibling, then he or she can look up for a suitable donor at the BMT bank.

BMT thalassemia requires HLA typing test, which stands for human leukocyte antigen. The test helps to identify antigens on white blood cells to evaluate tissue compatibility for marrow transplantation.

BMT thalassemia procedure follows several days of radiation and chemotherapy, which kills all cancerous cells to make room for the new marrow. After a couple of days of the therapy, the transplantation occurs. The marrow is infused by the doctor into the patient intravenously, which is followed by multiple blood transfusions and antibiotics.

BMT Thalassemia
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