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Colorectal cancer, also known as colon and rectum cancer, is mostly treated with the help of a surgery in which a part of the colon containing the tumor is removed surgically. The decision as to whether a surgery should be conducted or not lies with the doctor, who will make the decision after considering a number of factors. For example, it needs to be assessed whether the patient is healthy or tolerant enough to undergo a surgery or whether he or she is suffering from some other medical condition as well.

Laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer and radiofrequency ablation are the two most common form of surgical interventions used for the treatment of colorectal cancer. In addition, sometimes a colostomy is performed to provide a pathway for the waste to be removed from the body. In this procedure, an external pouch is attached that collects the waste and needs to be emptied or changed regularly.

Brachytherapy, stereotactic radiation therapy and external radiation are other forms of colon cancer treatment options. Sometimes, chemotherapy is also conducted to kill off cancer cells.

Colorectal Cancer Treatment
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