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Disc replacement is an orthopaedic surgery that involves removing a damaged or degenerated cervical or lumbar disc and replacing it with an artificial disc device. A cervical disc is a cushion or shock absorber between the vertebrae of the cervical spine, while a lumbar disc is same as cervical disc, named according to their certain levels, such as LS1 to LS5. Discs that become damaged through a trauma or degeneration can become a source of pain.

The indication for disc replacement surgery includes patients who do not respond to the standard initial treatments such as physical therapy, medications and occasionally spinal injection procedures.

Disc replacement procedure is performed under a general anaesthesia. Your orthopaedic surgeon will make a one to two inch horizontal incision on one side of your neck or back for LS5 to LS1.  Then the damaged disc is then exposed and removed while taking care of nerves decompression.

Now the disc space will be prepared and the disc replacement device is carefully placed into position between the vertebrae.  A fluoroscopy will be used for proper positioning of the disc replacement implant.

You can return to light work within a week or two of surgery, but it might take weeks or even months for complete recovery after disc replacement.

Disc Replacement (Cervical/Lumber)
– Level I
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