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Laser assisted hatching procedure is conducted to make a gap in the shell or the zona pellucida of the embryo, before transferring it in the womb of the mother for implantation during a typical IVF process.

The zona plays a vital role in the fertilization process.  Only one sperm can pierce through the zona and fuse with the egg to fructify fertilization. Laser hatching is done during IVF to improve the chances of conception by making sure that the egg is able to hatch successfully. This is done with the help of a laser, which is used to create a small gap of a hole in the shell.

The laser assisted hatching procedure is performed very precisely so that the embryo does not come in direct contact with the laser. Only the opening of the embryo is enhanced with the help of laser.

Prior to the evolution of this technique, the conventional method of assisted hatching in IVF was performed with the help of acidified tyrode’s solution. Acidified tyrode’s solution for assisted hatching has been in use for several years, but now the use of laser in IVF labs is becoming more common. Laser hatching in IVF procedure can significantly improve the success rate of IVF treatment

IVF With Assisted Laser Hatching
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