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TLIF (Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion) is a spinal fusion orthopedic surgery used for the treatment of back pain and leg pain and to get significant results. TLIF surgery stabilizes the spinal vertebra and the disc or shock absorber between the vertebra. It is designed to create a solid bone between the adjoining vertebra and elimination of any movement between the bones.

The success rate of TLIF surgery is about 60 to 70percent. Many studies have determined that after TLIF spinal fusion surgery, approximately 80 percent of patients are satisfied with the results.

TLIF procedure is performed through the back part of the spine. Your orthopaedic surgeon will place pedicle screws into the vertebra and the disc space is exposed on one side by removing the facet joints and protecting the nerve roots. Now, the disc space is entered and disc material is removed.

After this, a bone graft is obtained from the patient’s iliac crest and an inter-body cage (filled with bone graft) is placed into the disc space to maintain the disc height. Finally, additional bone is placed in the lateral gutters of the vertebra and pedicle screws are attached to rods or plates.

TLIF complications may include infection, blood loss and nerve injury.

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