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Bentall procedure is described as surgery performed to replace aortic root, ascending aorta and aortic valve with re-implantation of the arteries in the graft. If all three, that is, aortic root, aortic valve and ascending aorta are not involved in the Bentall surgery, then other operations are done in conjugation to achieve results.

The aortic root is a small portion of the aorta which is positioned close to the heart. This aortic root comprises of openings for the coronary arteries and aortic valve. This aortic valve is encased by a fibrous ring and has three flaps. Bentall procedure is also the name used for cardiac surgery and is all about composite graft replacement of the ascending aorta, arotic root and the arotic valve. Bentall procedure indications include aortic dissection, aortic regurgitation and aortic aneurysm.

Bentall Procedure
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