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Prosthesis is an orthopaedic device, which is surgically installed in a joint to improve quality of life of the patient. This surgical procedure is necessary for treatment of aseptic failure, prosthetic joint infection or for other joint related problems. Biofilms play an important role in the persistence of infection.

Sometimes, organisms within biofilm become resistant to the surgeries and antimicrobial therapies are often unsuccessful unless the biofilm is physically disrupted by surgical debridement. A prosthetist will help you in choosing the best prosthesis depending on several factors. You may begin to practice with your artificial device just after a few days of the surgery, depending on your comfort.

There are a wide variety of prosthesis devices, which can look like a natural arm, leg, hand or foot. Some of them use fluid or hydraulic-controlled devices, while others use computerized parts that let the user make rapid real-time adjustments during the use.

To get the benefits of the prosthesis without interruption it is important to take care of the device and the amputation site. It is highly recommended to maintain a stable body weight to keep the prosthesis fitting proper. Prosthesis device should be examined and serviced once a year to make sure that it is in proper working order.

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