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Lung cancer treatment options depend on the stage of cancer that the patient is suffering from. For example, stage IV lung cancer patients (advanced) are usually treated with the help of a combination of different treatments, including surgery to extract the primary tumor and the nearby lymph nodes, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Surgical treatment for lung cancer involves the use of the entire lobe in which the cancer is located. This surgical excision of the lobe is known as lobectomy. Radio therapy is also delivered to the patients as a primary treatment or before a surgery to reduce the size of the tumor that needs to be excised or after the surgery to kill off remaining cancer cells.

Chemotherapy involves the use of specific drugs that are administered into the blood stream to kill off cancer cells. The drugs are directly injected into the vein with the help of a catheter and they work by retarding the growth of the cancer cells and by reducing the severity of the lung cancer symptoms.

Lung Cancer Treatment
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