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Brain tumour excision is required for tumours growing in head and neck. Skull base tumours are treated by neurosurgeons who now use newer approaches. These skull base tumour removal techniques include easy and safe access to the tumours and minimally invasive endoscopic procedures.

Patients whose MRI scan or CT scan show signs of skull base brain tumour require neuroradiologic embolisation of the tumours two days before the surgery. The several neuroradiologic tests conducted enable the doctor to perform the surgery very safely by reducing volume of blood loss and check if the carotid or its branches can be occluded without any bad effects.

Skull base tumour causes are not fully known, but some of the causes include excessive alcohol use, tobacco use, and exposure to cancer-causing agents. Besides, a person can know if he has cancer by checking skull base tumour symptoms which include problems with breathing, eating and seeing. Malignant skull base tumour treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Brain Tumour Excision Skull Base
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