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Total knee replacement (unilateral) is an orthopaedic surgery used to replace a diseased knee with an artificial material. The most common reason of a total knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. However, knee joint injuries associated with progressive pain and impaired function can also be the indication for total knee replacement. It is a safe and effective procedure to relieve pain and to correct leg deformity to help you resume normal activities.

Unilateral total knee replacement procedure is performed under a general anaesthesia to make you sleep. Your orthopaedic surgeon will make an incision in the front of your knee to gain access to the patella. Traditional total knee replacement surgery will need a long incision of 8 to 10 inches and other minimally invasive technique will need 4 to 6 inch incision.

After getting access to your knee joint, the surgeon will carefully make precise cuts in your bones using special instruments. After that, the damaged bone and cartilage from the end of the femur is cut away and resurfaced. Finally, the metal femoral component is attached to the end of your femur and bone cement is used to seal it into place.

Total Knee Replacement U/L
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