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Pituitary tumours that develop in the pituitary glands forces lower production of hormones. Such tumours are usually benign and are called adenomas. Pituitary tumours tests include CT scan, an MRI scan and eye tests.Brain tumour excision is required to eliminate the tumour which is in the Pituitary gland. The brain tumour surgery is done through the nostril without having to open the skull. Sometimes, radiotherapy is administered for treatment, while in other cases small tumours are best treated with stereotactic radiosurgery.

Pituitary tumour causes are still unknown, but it can be diagnosed by the several pituitary gland symptoms such as change in hormone levels, pressure on the optic nerve leading to vision problems.

A team of doctors attend patients who have pituitary tumours. Endocrinologists will check if there is any disorder of hormone production, an ophthalmologist will check your vision, a neurosurgeon will operate on the tumour, an oncologist will administer radiotherapy, and so on.

Brain Tumour Excision
(Pituitary Tumour)
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