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Discectomy is described as a surgical procedure that involves removing herniated disc which presses on the spinal cord or on the nerve root. Discectomy procedure is about removing the middle part of the nucleus pulposus and the intervertebral disc, which causes acute pain by stressing the radiating nerves or spinal cord.

Microdiscectomy is performed to remove a portion of the herniated nucleus pulpolsus. This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Microdiscectomy treatment uses a loupe or microscope for magnification.

The success rate of microdiscectomy procedure is quite good for about 84% for patients suffering from the issue. The benefits of having microdiscectomy treatment include greater improvement in symptoms for a duration of up to two years. Microdiscectomy recovery time is up to six weeks. During this time, the patient is restricted from lifting, bending, or twisting.Full recover after microdiscectomy procedure takes over two months. Therefore, patients with herniated lumbar disc are best treated with Microdiscectomy.

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