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Brachial Plexes injuries are caused to the network of nerves that are seated in the neck and follow down to the arm. The nerves run from the spinal cord to the neck and help to control the flexes of the muscles in shoulder, wrist, hand and elbow. Since brachial plexes injuries range from minor to severe, it can take weeks or months for recovery.

Brachial plexes injuries causes include cutting, pressure or stretching. Intense pressure can affect brachial plexes between first rib and collarbone, which may be caused due to dislocation or fracture. Brachial plexes injuries symptoms are loss of feeling or sensation in the impacted area, inability to function and work properly.

Brachial plexes injury treatment involves time and therapy. The actual Brachial plexes injuries recovery time may stretch from weeks to months. Sometimes, a tendon transfer surgery is required. If needed, Brachial plexes surgeries are combined with stereotactic procedures to spot targets like lesions or tumors in the body.

Brachial Plexes injuries/Stereotactic
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