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Unlike BMT allogeneic, BMT autologous is a self transplant, in which the patient uses his or her own stem cells for the transplantation process. BMT autologous transplant is used in different types of blood cancers such as myeloma, leukaemia, lymphomas, and in case of solid tumours.

BMT autologous procedure includes step-by-step methods to collect the stem cells and freeze them until the transplantation takes place. Blood is collected from the vein by a special type of machine that has a cell separator in it. Just like dialysis, the machine separates cells from blood and returns it to your vein, and then the stem cells are processed and frozen until the next transplant takes place.

The most dangerous and irreversible side effects of the transplantation is fertility problem in women and unexpected earlier menopause. Remember, the success of this type of bone marrow transplantation depends upon stage and type of disease the patient have and also his/her general health and age. BMT Autologous cost varies one one country to another but it typically costs more in the US and the UK.

BMT Autologous
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