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Microdisectomy is a minimally invasive procedure performed to remove lumbar herniated disc from the lower back portion of the patient. The herniated disc poses as the reason for acute back pain in patients that creates the problem by pressing against the spinal cord and the nerve root.

A microdisectomy is usually performed by a doctor to relieve a patient from leg pain and lower back pain. As for the leg pain, patients will immediately feel relieved from pain post surgery, while for weakness and numbness in the leg it may take up to few weeks to heal.

Since microdisectomy procedure uses minimally invasive technique, a small incision is made and minimal tissue damage is ensured. These days, endoscopic procedures are performed by surgeons who a tube into the operative area, instead of creating a small incision.

Microdisectomy indications are leg pain persistently for six weeks, MRI scan revealing herniated disc, leg pain and back pain. The process is known as microdisectomy is because the surgery is performed on small structures such as nerves and blood vessels.

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