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Microdisectomies for cervical and lumbar discs are performed to relieve patients of pain in the cervical spine and lower back, respectively. Diskectomy surgery is a procedure that follows removal of lumbar herniated disc, which is creating pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve root. However, the process is known as microdisectomy since it uses a special microscope to help view the nerves and discs.

If a patient has herniated disc which is creating pressure on the nerve root, then doctors perform Diskectomy. A portion of the disc is removed from the lumbar region which is creating pressure and discomfort. Lower back surgery is done using minimally invasive procedure.

The success rate of microdisectomies of cervical and lumbar discs is quite high, since it takes one to three weeks for patients to recover. As for the success rate of decompression spine surgery, it is as high as 90% since patients experience extreme relief in leg pain after their surgery.

Micro-disectomies for
Cervical and Lumbar discs
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