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Total hip replacement (bilateral) is an orthopaedic surgery in which both the hips are replaced by an artificial prosthetic implant. This surgery is usually performed due to arthritic pain and stiffness. It is very uncommon for arthritis in both hips to progress at the same rate, such that a bilateral hip replacement is necessary. However, a bilateral total hip replacement is certainly done on occasions.

Candidates for bilateral total hip replacement are mostly younger, more active, healthy and motivated people to participate in the more rigorous postoperative therapy required.

The biggest advantage of bilateral total hip replacement is that you will need only one trip to the operating room instead of two. Moreover, you have to take only one anaesthetic and therefore one hospitalization. But it can also increase the risks as the surgical blood loss is greater and the surgery as well as the anaesthesia is more prolonged. However, nowadays there are some less invasive techniques are available similar to bilateral knee replacement.

Bilateral total hip replacement procedure is similar to a unilateral procedure and rehabilitation is also same, but often requires few additional days in the hospital.

Complication of bilateral total hip replacement surgery may include infection, excessive blood loss, blood clot, dislocation and nerve damage.

Total Hip Replacement B/L
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