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Breast augmentation is clinically know as mammoplasty, which involves the use of breast implants or breast enlargement to get fuller and firmer breast. The procedure of breast augmentation follows implantation of silicon implants under the breast muscles to make them look fuller and symmetrical.

The suitable breast augmentation candidates are women who have smaller breasts, or mothers who want to restore the volume of their breasts post breastfeeding or pregnancy and those who want symmetrical breasts.

According to breast augmentation surgical procedure, incisions are made around the breast to put in best breast implants under the muscles. Other way to increase a breast size include injecting fat that is harvested in any other body part into the breast.

Breast augmentation procedure is done under general anaesthesia. Complications may arise that include hypertrophic scarring on the incision lines and capsular contracture of breast.

Breast augmentation cost varies from country to country. It depends upon the type of transplants you choose and the hospitals where you would prefer to get implants.

Breast Augmentation
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