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The varying microscopic instruments are used in the best hospitals in the world by neurosurgeons that offer excellent zooming, lighting and optics. Neurosurgeons are specifically skilled to control the microscopes for motorization and ease and precision of use.

Microscopic operations are performed to tend to several treatments under which stereotactic surgery and neuro navigation surgery are done. Stereotactic surgery is defined as a minimally invasive procedure that uses three-dimensional coordinate system so as to help spot the small targets in your body. The actions performed are microscopic operations like implants, biopsy, lesion, ablation, stimulation, injection and radiosuregry.


Neuronavigation procedure is performed by a neurosurgeon to guide through the vertebral columns or confines of the skull during surgery. The prime objective of such surgical procedures is to treat lesions or any tumour remnant.

Neuronavigation enables the neurosurgeon for planning precise surgical approach. Surgical procedures also include neurosurgical interventions combined with computer-assisted technologies.

All Microscopic Operations
including implant
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