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Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) helps cushion the brain and protect it from any kind of impact. The fluid present it carries off waste products and act as delivery system for nutrients to your brain. However, when cerebrospinal fluid or CSF collects in a person’s brain’s ventricles, it causes pressure on the brain.

Therefore, CSF shunt procedures are performed in which a medical device is used to relieve pressure on the brain which is caused by fluid accumulation.

When normal flow of the fluid on the brain is interrupted, it creates adverse pressure on the brain’s tissues. To help, CSF shunt procedure is used, which is performed by doctors by placing VP shunts into the brain ventricles so as to divert fluid direction out of brain. The process helps to restore the normal flow of fluid by means of absorption of CSF.

The possible CSF symptoms include headaches, seizures, excessive sleepiness, irritability, large head size, poor appetite, memory loss, impaired vision and poor coordination.

CSF Shunt Procedures
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