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Bilateral total knee replacement is an orthopaedic surgery performed to replace diseased or injured knee of both the side with an artificial material. The prosthesis can take the place of both the knees in the case where the cartilage has worn away.

The bilateral total knee replacement procedure is similar to unilateral. However, it might need two surgical teams to perform the surgery on both the sides.

This type of surgery is uncommon, but there can be certain advantages. During bilateral total knee replacement surgery, both the knees are replaced under single anaesthesia and within one hospital stay. So it will need a single rehabilitation period. However, you might need some extra days of hospitalization.

Health consideration is an important factor in bilateral total knee replacement. This surgery is recommended to the younger patients because it will take a long time on the table and a long anaesthetic which might not be well tolerated by physically compromised patients and might imply a high stress for the cardiovascular system.

Risks and complications of bilateral total knee replacement are similar to unilateral. However, it is associated with an increase in some of the risks, especially of anaesthesia and blood loss. Other risks may include blood clot, pulmonary embolism, infection, dislocation and nerve or tissue damage.


Total Knee Replacement B/L
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