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Decompression posterior and fusion of spine –level II- is a common and mandatory procedure to treat many types of spinal pathology, such as scoliosis or other types of deformity and for treatment of low back pain from lumbar degenerative disc.

The lumbar spine has 6 movable spinal levels, also called as motion segments, surrounding and in between the five lumbar vertebrae. The name of the disc is kept according to the certain level, such as LS1 to LS5. Under certain occasions, it can be an effective treatment for reduction of low back pain from two degenerated lumbar discs.

Indications for spinal fusion level two include the patients with severe, disabling pain that occurs at two levels of the spine. A level two surgery is only recommended after extensive non-surgical and pain management approaches have been tried.

Decompression posterior and fusion of spine – Level II procedure is done through the back and focus of the surgery is about connecting portions of the posterior bony elements of the spine. Sometimes, both inter-body and posterior fusions are performed at the same time.

Risks of this surgery may include blood loss, arterial and venous thrombosis, infections and blood clot.

Decompression Posterior
& Fusion – Spine (Level II)
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