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Knee Arthroscopy is an orthopaedic surgery that can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of several problems in the knee joint. It is a minimal invasive procedure and a tiny camera called an arthroscope will be inserted into your knee, which can diagnose and correct the issue using a small instrument within the arthroscope.

Knee Arthroscopy is widely used for treatment of torn meniscus, misaligned patella or to repair the ligaments of the joint. Knee arthroscopy procedure may need a general or local anaesthesia.

Your orthopaedic surgeon will make a few small incisions in your knee and a saline will be pumped in to expand your knee. Now, an arthroscope will be inserted through one of the incision. The surgeon will diagnose the problem by watching the images on the monitor. After the diagnosis, he or she will insert small tools into the other incisions to correct the issue. Finally, the saline is drained from your joint and incisions are closed with stitches.

There are common risks as any other surgery such as bleeding, infection, blood clot, and injury. However, specific complications of knee arthroscopy may include bleeding inside the knee and injury to the cartilage, ligaments, blood vessels, meniscus or nerves of the knee.

Knee Arthroscopy
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