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Spinal fusion is a viable treatment for degenerated discs and lower back pain. It is true that spinal fusion two level is existent and is considerable, but spinal fusion three or multi-levels is quite rarely and is actually not a very good option.

Two level spinal fusion is required for patients suffering from acute pain that usually occurs at the two-levels of the spine. The condition is best treated with pain management and non-surgical approaches.

While a two-level spinal fusion is treatable, but multilevel fusion for lumbar degenerated discs and low back pain are rarely advisable since the results are uncertain, involves too much of rigidity and too many levels of spinal fusion put that level at higher risk of degeneration.

Multilevel spinal fusion recovery time may include a longer period, but one or two level spinal fusion recovery time is quicker. The entire situation depends upon the type of surgical technique used which will speed up the recovery time that is up to 6 to 8 weeks to the maximum.

Spinal fusion- 2 Level
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