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ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction is an orthopaedic surgery conducted to reconstruct the ligament in the centre of the knee. The work ACL is to keep the tibia (shin bone) in place.

This knee reconstruction surgery is used when the ligament and a piece of the bone are separated from the rest of the bone. During ACL reconstruction procedure, a torn ligament is removed from the knee before the graft is inserted in an arthroscopic procedure.

ACL surgery is usually performed under a general anaesthesia. Your orthopaedic surgeon will make several small incisions around the knee and pump a sterile saline solution into the knee through one incision to expand it and to wash blood from the area. Now an arthroscope and a drill are inserted into the other cuts to make small holes into the upper and lower leg bones. After that, the surgeon will take a graft and secure it with screws or staples and close the incisions with stitches.

Recovery after ACL reconstruction takes at least 6 months. Complications of ACL reconstruction surgery may include bleeding, infection, blood clot, injury to blood vessels and failure of the surgery.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament
(ACL) Reconstruction
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