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When heart defects in new-born children are life-threatening, Pediatric Open Heart Surgery is required. If the situation is not critical then the baby patient can wait a few weeks and even few years. Pediatric cardiac surgery may be required for a baby for a variety of reasons but the invasiveness of the procedures actually depend upon the severity of the condition.

First, the Pediatric Cardiologist conducts a few Pediatric cardiology tests and procedures to ascertain congenital heart problems. It is indeed a life-saving option for new born child if the baby suffers any critical heart defect. Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons evaluate the pros and cons of performing the surgery on the little babies and then decide what to do.

Pediatric Cardiac surgery – Conduit Repair/
ASO/AV Canal Repair/ TCPC/Fontan/ASO/AV Canal Repair
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