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Intradular spinal conditions are recognized as intradular extramedullary neoplasms, which are spotted outside the spinal cord inside the dural sheath. Intradular spinal symptoms include radicular pain, weakness and back pain.

MRIs and CT scans are used to make an easy identification and diagnosis of the right location of the tumour in the dura mater. A microscopic surgery can help bring drastic surgical improvement. It should be noted that intradural extramedullary masses show varying morphological features, which incorporate a dural tail (meningiomas), multiple versus solitary and neural exit foraminal.

MRI is important to characterize the masses, their appearance (which may vary as per histology). MRI has many benefits since it helps to define the right relationship of the mass to the cord. MRIs also aid to identify secondary lesions, large draining vessels that enables pre-operative diagnosis.

These types of spinal surgeries are performed to correct all types of disorders and diseases of the spinal nerve or spinal cord. Spine fusion surgery or spinal fusion surgery are combined with instrumentation to administer the operation.

All intra-dural spinal
surgeries including implant
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