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Ear surgery is also called ear pinning, which is done to bring the ear close to the head or correct deformities. Pinnaplasty is defined as the correction of your prominent ears. Pinnaplasty procedure involves making cuts behind each ear. Then, the cartilage is folded or some of it removed or reshaped. Once done, the ear is held back to its new position.

The best candidate for pinnaplasty includes those whose ears stick out, or are too large or are not satiefied with their ear shape. The preparation for ear pinning surgery includes visiting a doctor and checking it out if you are in your best health for the surgery.

As part of ear surgery aftercare process, the patient is taken back to the room and is allowed to rest until he/she becomes alright. The average ear surgery cost is around $2,965, as per statistics provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Ear surgery (Pinnaplasty)
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