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An orthopaedic surgery procedure conducted to relieve chronic pain from pressure placed on the nerves in the cervical or lumbar spine is called cervical or lumbar disc replacement. Disc replacement procedure involves removing the offending disc and placing an artificial disc device on the vacant place created by removing.

During the two level cervical or lumber disc replacement procedure, not one, but two adjacent problematic discs are removed and replaced with two artificial disc devices.

Generally, the indication for two level disc replacement is same as a one level disc replacement. However, in most cases, two level disc replacement techniques can be used instead of an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.  Two level disc replacement procedure is as same as the one for level one disc replacement.

There are a few limitations of two level disc replacement surgeries such as the device should not be used in the presence of significant osteoporosis or an active infection. It should not be performed in children or when there is an unusual motion or instability at the affected level.

Complications of disc replacement may include nerve injury, bleeding, infection, and swelling. However, technical complications of disc replacement are rare, but may occur, such as placement issues of the disc replacement device.

Disc Replacement (Cervical/Lumber)
– Two Level
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