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Hemicolectomy is a surgical procedure used for the treatment of colon cancer and patients suffering from trauma, diverticulitis, typhlitis, bowel infarction and inflammatory bowel disease. Depending on the part of bowel removed during the surgery, hemicolectomy can be categorized into hemicolectomy (left) and hemicolectomy (right).

In right hemicolectomy procedure, the ascending colon is removed along with the nearby tissues and parts such as ileum, transverse colon and cecum. In left hemicolectomy procedure, the descending colon is removed in addition to the nearby tissues and parts of the digestive system. In some cases, entire large bowel may be removed, a procedure known as colectomy.

At the end of the hemicolectomy surgery, the surgeon ties up the loose ends to complete the bowel circuit. In some cases, colostomy may be conducted to create an artificial anus.

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