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Brain tumours may begin growing the brain or may grow out of cancerous cells send by the tumour which is in another part of your body to the brain. These tumours are malignant or benign. The exact reason for a brain tumour has not been detected, but it can occur at any age and brain tumour symptoms depend upon type, size and location of the tumour.

Other common brain tumour symptoms are seizures, headaches, tingling sensation, numbness, walking and balance problems, changes in speech and hearing, and vomiting. The more abnormally the cells behave, the tumour is of higher grade. Brain tumour classification includes grade I, grade II, grade III and grade IV tumors.

Brain tumour surgery is possible, which is done under general anaesthesia. The neurosurgeon removes the tumour by making incision in your scalp after the person has shaved his head. When the brain tumour grows in the brain stem, a surgery is not possible. In this case, radiotherapy is required.

Brain Tumour
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