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The purpose of laminectomy surgery is to create more space in the spinal canal to help you relieve pressure on the nerves and spinal cord. Laminectomy is done to create space into your spinal canal by removing the lamina, which is the back portion of the vertebrae that shields your spinal canal.

Patients suffering from spinal stenosis should undergo Laminectomy surgery. The steps in the Laminectomy surgery include removal of damaged disks and bones, so as to ensure more room in the spinal column and nerve. Laminectomy symptoms include pain in both legs and numbness.

Another branch of Laminectomy, called lumbar laminectomy, is performed to treat your lumbar spinal stenosis. When there are changes in bone placement in your spine due to age related issues, decompressive laminectomy is needed.

The success rate of laminectomy is almost 70% to 80% in patients. Along with this, there is a markedly reduced pain in spinal stenosis post surgery. Therefore, a majority of patients shows signs of improvement in pain post the laminectomy surgery.

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