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A single chamber pacemaker implantof the right atrium helps to treat sick sinus syndrome. This type of single chamber pacemaker implant is best for patients who show signs of chronic atrial fibrillation along with concomitant symptomatic bradycardia. The pacemaker generator is smaller and the single chamber implant procedure time requires much shorter time.

Besides, single chamber pacemaker implant complications are much lower since the procedure requires a single needle stick so as to get venous access. In the single chamber pacemaker implant procedure, there is increased risk of atrial fibrillation, poorer survival and thrombo-embolism. The preferable site for single chamber pacemaker implant is the RV outflow tract. It has been found that the outcomes of RV pacing are poor in patients with poor LV systolic.

Pacemaker Implant single
Chamber (only surgery)
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