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When a person is suffering from acute backache because of vertebral compression fractures, kyphoplasty procedure is the only solution. Kyphoplasty procedure is a type of medical spinal procedure according to which bone cement is injected by creating a small incision in the skin that fills in the fractured vertebrae. Also known as balloon kyphoplasty, the procedure uses a small balloon which helps to lift and place bone fragments into their original position.

The steps in kyphoplasty procedure are best administered by a doctor who uses a narrow tube inserted through the back of the patient into the vertebrae. Then, the doctor uses X-ray images, to view and insert a special type of balloon that inflates and elevates the fractures.

The doctor assures speedy recovery after kyphoplasty, since a small cut is made in your skin which heals quickly. The Kyphoplasty procedure is not a long process as it takes only an hour for each vertebrae involved in the surgery.

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