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Ureteroscopy is a special urology procedure used to look inside the ureters and the bladder. This procedure is also used to remove bladder stones.

Bladder stone treatment with uretescope is a specialized, yet common procedure. During the ureteroscopy procedure for bladder removal, the surgeon first inserts a viewing instrument called a ureteroscope into the urethra, though which it is passed on to the bladder or the ureters to finally reach to the position where the bladder stones are located.

The surgeon then guides other instruments to pick up the bladder stones using forceos, The larger stones are first broken up into smaller stones and then picked up from the bladder. This procedure is known as lithotripsy.

Recovery after bladder stone removal using ureteroscopy may take some time as the patient is likely to have some blood in urine. However, it is an effective procedure with high success rate.

Uretroscopic Removal of
Stone (Bladder)
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