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Stem Cell transplantation is also called bone marrow transplantation. It is a procedure that replaces damaged or unhealthy blood cells with the healthy blood cells. During the procedure, healthy stem cells are derived from a stem cell donor. These cells are processed and then transfused into the recipient or patient’s blood. Eventually, the transplanted cells travel from the recipient’s blood to the bone marrow.

There are three types of stem cell transplantations. These include autologous (stem cells harvested from own body), allogeneic (stem cells harvested from a healthy donor’s body) and reduced-intensity stem cell transplantation. In the third type, the stem cells are extracted from a healthy person, but the chemotherapy session afterwards is less intensive.

The best stem cell transplantation candidates are the ones who are expected to respond to a particular disease after getting the transplant done. In addition, suitable candidates must have a matching donor and should belong to a suitable age group.

In comparison to the past, stem cell technologies are rapidly developing, given the complications involved in the process. The researchers working at some of the best hospitals in the world are aiming to regenerate skin and other body parts with the help of stem cells. The stem cell cost depends on the type of procedure that you are undergoing and the kind of healthcare facility you approach.

Stem Cell Transplant
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