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Uretric reimplantation procedure is used to change the way how the ureters are attached to the bladder. It is most often performed in cases where the ureters are wrongly or abnormally attached to the bladder since the time of birth.

The uretric reimplantation surgery is also used to prevent vesicouretral reflex, which is a side effect of abnomally attached ureters. In this condition, the urine that enters the bladder through the ureters is refluxed back into the kidneys through the ureters.

During the surgery, the ureters are first detached from the bladder and then re-implanted or re-attached to a new location on the bladder. The ureters are attached in a way that the urine is not able to reflux back into the kidneys now.

Uretric Reimplantation
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