Minar Travels (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Mastering the art of perfect Tourism for 26+ years in India

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Travel & Tourism

Minar Travels (India) Pvt. Ltd. has consistently aspired to be a reliable and accessible tour operator that makes good its promises, something which has been lauded by customers and industry experts.

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Sustainable Travel

Sustainable tourism – which includes eco-tourism and community-based tourism – is the need of the hour in India. We offer sustainable holidays in India, but also meaningful travel experiences that can elevate your “Incredible India” experience.

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Mission & Values

As a primer Destination and Aviation Management Company, our aim is to give high quality service with innovative ad-ons. We at Minar are committed to march forward, create employment, national wealth and harmony among nations through travel.

About Minar Travels

Minar Travels – sanctioned by the God; Certified by Travelers

Life is a journey that treasures tremendous possibilities. This belief inspires me and my team at Minar Travels to work relentlessly for over two decades towards shaping your journeys on this beautiful planet. This keeps us alive and aligns with every area of Travel, Tourism, Aviation and MICE. This also gives us enormous joy and fulfillment while you feel at home in an alien land and able to savour the thrill and romance of every moment of your new destination. Little wonder we receive many laurels including 9 prestigious National Tourism Awards for our outstanding services.

Our qualified, competent and professional team is committed to make your Minar experience joyous from every aspect. As the frontrunners of our ISO 9001: 2015 travel establishment they are trained in varied trends and types of travel and tourism and have a reputation for attention to detail. They ensure you receive tailor-made convenience and benefits as well as peace of mind all the way.

Our aim remains to present you that unique kaleidoscope: unfolding magical places, people, experiences, festivals, celebrations, holidays, and business…all that you will ultimately count as life’s greatest treasure. Let us make the journey unforgettable.

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Harvinder Singh Duggal – Managing Director

Managing Director of Minar Travels, Mr. Harvinder Singh Duggal is well recognized in the Travel industry in India and abroad, as a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

An honors graduate with a degree in Commerce from Delhi University, and a masters in Business Management, Duggal spent the first nine years of his professional life with Tata Group of Companies. A deep entrepreneurial urge and vision found fulfillment when Minar Travels, Berlin invited him to set up the India enterprise to handle German tourists. He established Minar Travels (India) Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi in 1992 with a modest beginning, with ‘one employee and a princely sum of Rs. Two Lakhs’. Within just a year, the company was earning awards and Duggal quickly expanded the scope of its business to include aviation services, tourist charters and destination management from around the globe.

A man that is deterred by nothing, Duggal is a creative thinker and visionary who approached markets before others ventured there. When he saw potential in the Russian market, but language was a barrier, he simply learnt Russian! This is a testimony of his dedication & spirit. Minar works with Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia among other places, all because of him. Today, Minar has an international presence in 32 countries, with inroads in the markets of Latin America, Europe and Asia; is one of the biggest Aviation Services and Destination Management Companies in the country; has 8 offices in India and 5 overseas and is the GSA for 8 airlines.

Duggal has been the cornerstone for Minar. He believes in leading from the front and this has brought him numerous accolades, including the National Tourism Award, 10 times! Duggal assured that he inculcates ethical values in his team and deeply cares about their growth & well-being. On this day, Minar is a sought after employer in the tourism trade in India, and employs more than 200 people. Duggal believes that when one has more than he needs, one should build a longer table, not a taller fence. He’s closely associated with the Holy Family Ashaniwas & funds initiatives that provide shelter, education & rehabilitation for underprivileged girls, and has personally adopted orphans to provide them with a happier & healthier life.

Every day for the past 26 years, Duggal has been leading his team with the same passion & zeal that he had since Day 1 and that is what separates him from the rest.

For him, Minar is not something he does; it’s who he is.

Many doorways lead into the experiences of India – which ones will you take, and who will open them for you?