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The world is limitless – there’s plenty to see, experience & learn. That is why, we at Minar, have built a Destination & Aviation Management company, affiliated with both national & international travel & tourism associations, top airlines and Aviation service providers. We assure that we provide you with an unforgettable experience every time you travel with us; whether its aviation services, tourism charter flights , cargo flights, Aircraft Ground Handling services or GSA for airlines. We at Minar are proud of our 21st century professionalism, expertise over two and half decades and our ability to customize what you want.

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What Our Client’s says

Mrs. Judith Nordgren – American University Group Comfortable transport, excellent drivers and professional & knowledgeable guide.
Armin & Honey , Toulouse – France Dear Minar People, I Wanted To Let You Know How Much Fun My Family And I Had At Your Country,You Were A Fabulous Hostess.Your Welcoming For Us In Both Your Beautiful Place Of Mumbai & Goa Were Awesome Also You… Read More
Dan & Dagmar- Berlin Minar Managers Thank you for organizing wonderful trip on Maharaja Express, Your selected post tours to Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh were perfectly planned despite of Challenges on accommodation there.    We understand  and liked it.
Sheila Singh – Canada Dear Minar Team, We have returned home a couple of days ago after visiting London for 3 days. On behalf of our group, I'd like to thank you and Minar travel for making our trip a very memorable one. We… Read More
Brad Gendel – UK Our trip to South India was fabulous. The beautiful temples and serene beaches were enchanting. We will never be able to forget such a warm welcome from your company. You took care of our every requirement. The hotels were perfect,… Read More
Tutachkova L, Rakhmatullina R, Hasyanova R, Lee, T – Moscow Minar is the best! We travelled from Moscow to Delhi in a group of five and travelled to Delhi, Agra & Jaipur from 06.03.2011 on 10.03.2011. We are Very grateful for these excursions to Agra and Jaipur with guide Deepak… Read More