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Many doorways lead into the experiences of India – which ones will you take, and who will open them for you? This is country of million experiences, countless roads to wander on, many doorways to walk through in your explanation of the land, its heritage and its people. You need a travel partner who knows the where and how and what and who of making a visit to India – a journey into the multitudes of sights, colours, customs interactions – a true discovery. You need a travel partner like Minar which attributes its uniqueness in the travel industry to its people and its foundations of loyalty and trust. Team Minar is young, highly motivated with extensive product knowledge- all ingredients to make your India holiday vibrantly alive and unique.


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Travel Tips

  • To explore India, you need a valid passport and visa to India. Carry them at all times while enjoying a vacation in India. Notify your country’s embassy or consulate in case your passport is stolen or lost.
  • Do fill up a Currency Declaration Form if carrying currency of USD 5,000/= and above.
  • Do not smoke in public places.
  • Do not give money to beggars.
  • Public display of affection is not appreciated and neither is public nudity unless perhaps one is at a beach.
  • One is expected to cover the head before entering a religious place such as a temple or mosque.
  • Ask for permission before clicking pictures of women and religious complexes. Some places charge for taking pictures while it is prohibited at a few places as well.
  • Trading in ivory, fur, animal skins and the like is illegal. If you must have it obtain a certificate of legitimate sale and permission for export before leaving the country.

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