India is a land of remarkable diversity; each city has its own charm, culture & heritage. Where else in the world can you travel for 200kms and come across a different language, attire, cuisine & culture?

From ancient traditions & heritage to stunning landscapes, palaces & culinary delights, India will ignite your wanderlust, shake your senses & warm your soul.

India tosses up the unexpected; it can be overwhelming when you’re deciding where to go & what to do. Since we’ve been in the trade for 26 years, we know just how to customize your trip for an experience you’ll cherish. For your inspiration, we’ve curated some of our most exhilarating itineraries into different groups. You’re free to choose any of our featured programs or get in touch with us if you’d like one of our experts to design your journey.

Cultural, Art and Architecture Tourism in India

The diverse culture of India has always intrigued one and all, and has been a major crowd puller of tourists from all across the globe. Every city of India has its own culture, thus offering a vacation with unmatched cultural experiences through its food, traditions, clothes, festivals, structures and more. Each state is different in this element creating a cluster of diversity that no other country can show.

From Chalukyas, Cholas and Mauryas to Mughals and British, each dynasty left its mark on the Indian soil in the form of various architectural marvels that have today, become the cynosure of world’s eyes. From historical monuments in Delhi and magnificent forts in Rajasthan to rock carvings in Mahabalipuram and Dravidian temples in South, the list of Indian architectural masterpieces is endless.

The more you try to enjoy this essence, the more amusing India becomes.

Wellness and Spiritual

With India being the second largest exporter of alternative medicines (AYUSH – Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy), there is no doubt that India has emerged as a hotspot for wellness tourism due to its availability of facilities – restorative cum alternative treatments through a combination of ayurveda, yoga, acupuncture, herbal massages, nature therapies and other ancient Indian healthcare therapies.

Discover true wellness at some of India’s finest Health and Wellness retreats where you can relax, rejuvenate, detox, energize and beautify the body, mind and soul.

The Indian mythologies chronicle the country as the land of austerity, pilgrimages, rituals, and mystical customs. You’ll discover this to be true when you embark on a journey with us; hundreds of deep rooted beliefs followed by vivid customs bless this land of incredibility. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Saurashtra to Silchar, every nook and corner of this country is dotted with significant pilgrimage sites.

Wildlife and Adventure Tour

In recent times, the popularity of adventure tourism has increased profoundly. You can choose from a variety of adventure sports such as river rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering, trekking, skiing, snow climbing, scuba diving and angling, present at multiple locations in India.

India is also climbing up the ladder of wildlife tourism; is home to 7.6% mammals, 12.6% birds and 6% plant species of the world. You can visit any of the 87 National Parks across the country; each has something unique to offer.

We plan & arrange your tour keeping your comfort in mind and assuring you can get up close & personal with the wild beasts on Jungle Safaris across Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Corbett National Park in UttaraKhand, Kaziranga Forest in Assam etc. Some of the animals you can spot include lions, elephants, sambars, deer & royal Bengal tigers, alongside a wide variety of flora & fauna.

We arrange your stay in luxurious resorts, amidst the natural beauty of the jungles & you will be accompanied by professional experts to make sure your experience is not just seamless, but also exciting!

Luxury Trains in India

Welcome to India – A Land of Billion Dreams.

We are the Largest Luxury Trains Operator in India. Travel around in sophisticated personal carriages in fusion with services as you fall in love with the land of heritage and culture.

Explore the country, in true- Royal style, live the life of a Maharaja! With the Signature Journeys, we promise to show you India like never before. As you traverse through India on the Indian Incredible Railways, capture the essence of India while you devour it.

Golf Escapades

India doesn’t exactly spoil golfers for choice. But what it lacks in numbers it makes up in diversity. India is home to the oldest golf course outside Britain. It also has several golf courses of international standards. Further, golf events held in India have lately been attracting several domestic and international tourists. Japan and Hong Kong have a shortage of golf courses and golfers from these countries have started coming to India to play the sport at a comparatively low cost. With golf tourism emerging as the new global trend, the tourism industry in India is focusing on golf tourism in an attempt to promote the country as a preferred golfing destination for international tourists.

Business Travel and MICE

We offer wide options of fixed wing aircrafts as well as Helicopters of different capacities for various purposes such as attending meetings across several cities, remote locations having poor scheduled aircraft connectivity, Medical Evacuation, Pilgrimage Tours, Leisure and Spa Tours etc

India is in the process of upgrading its MICE (meetings, Incentives, conferences & exhibitions) facilities. A large number of world-class convention centres are now available in India. According to the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) Statistics report 2016, India ranked 31st in the Worldwide Rankings and 7th in Asia Pacific & Middle East Ranking with 143 major meetings being conducted in the country.

With changing times, the model of managing meetings and events has evolved tremendously. Akin to any other industry, technology has revolutionized conference organization and has ushered in a new era bringing with it innovative concepts like online payment gateways, online abstract submissions and review, online registrations, online exhibition management etc.

Minar’s conferencing division has made major investments in technology. We take pride in the fact that we have a skilled team capable of handling new technologies and ideas. Our core team with its experience is always innovating new techniques and thoughts to make conference management simpler.

Culinary and Special Interest Tours

Prepare your taste buds for a fresh adventure on one of our culinary tours. Treat your palette to the finest Indian gourmet available in grand restaurants, hotels, roadside famous eateries or even by the side of it’s by lanes. From traditional Indian Thali to tasty street foods or exclusive regional delicacies’, see baskets heaped high with colorful spices in the busy markets. Our local guides use food traditions to open doors to a region’s cultural life and history. Get a real taste of some of India’s most famous culinary traditions – Mughal, Rajasthani, and the Portuguese-tinged flavors of Goa – while feasting with locals in family-run restaurants, rural homes, or in temples. This unforgettable journey into the cultural and gastronomic heart of India will satisfy every appetite.

Fair & Festivals

India – a land of festivals, colors & vibrant celebrations. The wide spectrum of festivals celebrated in India is a manifestation of its rich culture & traditions, where all the festivals are different from each other! Each city boasts its own history & heritage, from Pushkar’s camel fair to Kerala’s boat festival. We have listed some of the most famous festivals & fairs of India, you can contact us for a customized itinerary for any event you’d like to attend. We craft special itineraries centered around these festivals so you can truly immerse & experience the spirit of these occasions.

Beyond India Tours

If you’re visiting India, we suggest you explore the other gems located around the subcontinent. We combine your India itinerary with nearby countries of Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bhutan & Nepal; from pristine beaches to hill top monasteries, each country has it’s own charm & intrigue.

Best of both worlds? More like best of the entire world!