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Dentures are removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Usually, they are removable false teeth made of acrylic, nylon or metal. Dentures are fitted adequately over the gums to replace missing teeth and eliminate potential problems caused by gaps. Dentures can help prevent problems with eating, speech and they can also improve the appearance of your smile.

Types of dentures

There are two types of dentures available:

  • Complete dentures: They are used when all the teeth are missing.
  • Partial dentures: They are used when some natural teeth are

You will need a series of appointments before the dentures are fitted in your gums. Impressions and measurements are done to determine how your jaws relate to one another and how much space is between them. Models, wax forms or plastic patterns are made in the exact shape and position of the denture to be made before casting a final denture.

Complete dentures are usually fitted as soon as your teeth are removed. The denture will fit adequately over your gums and jawbone. Partial dentures with a number of false teeth attached to it are generally clipped on to some of your natural teeth via metal clasps

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