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Mentoplasty refers to plastic surgery of the skin. The purpose of mentoplasty is to correct any malformation of the chin, reshape the chin, use as part of craniofacial reconstruction (post cancer surgery) and orthognathic surgery (repositioning facial bones).

Chin plastic surgery has now become quite a common procedure. People mostly prefer chin augmentation surgery than chin reduction surgery. The former is done by inserting implants into the chin, while chin reduction surgery is performed by sliding genioplasty or direct chin reduction.

As part chin plastic surgery preparation, the patient should stop drinking, smoking and discontinue any types of aspirins or NSAIDs for two weeks. For submental incision, you are required to use antibacterial facial cleanser. Besides, you will be directed to rinse the mouth three times a day and not eat anything eight hours before surgery.

Post surgery, patient should have soft or liquid food, rinse mouth with hydrogen peroxide, avoid sleeping on face, etc. The average chin surgery cost is $2,097, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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